‘Fifty People One Question’ explores the insecurities of every day people and what they would change if given the option.

Accepting yourself for who you are and what you’ve got can be difficult, especially when certain factors are beyond your control. Modern times make it even more difficult… the option to post photos and transform yourself with filters, to scroll through endless feeds of content showing other people’s lives and to compare strangers lives to our own, doesn’t help either.

‘Birdman’ is an inspiring short documentary about two brothers and their unique relationship.

Alan, is a light aircraft enthusiast, building a fully operational, sixth-tenth scale Spitfire in his garage. Alan’s younger brother, Terry, is living with a rare genetic kidney disease and has been given a new lease of life.

Glastonbury is the world’s largest green-field festival. The Field of Avalon is just one of 25 different areas of Glastonbury, and this film takes a look at some of the eclectic people that make this festival-within-a-festival such a unique experience.

On The Door explores the conflict of opinions between three nightclub doormen and the general public.

Whenever I go to bed, my silence and escape from the world becomes disrupted by a high pitched ringing tone called tinnitus. This tone is in my left ear constantly but it’s slightly easier to ignore during the day.

Each section of the film represents the sequence of emotions I feel,  caused by tinnitus:
– Over-active mind and flickering thoughts
– Anxiety and fear of failure
– Anger and frustration.