About Me

Hi! I’m Sam Clarke and I’m an award winning filmmaker from Reading, England.

I love action sports, adventures and challenging myself. I’ve worked two winter seasons in the Alps, ridden mountain bike all my life and completed training for my solo skydiving license in 2016. I also make time to go surfing, indoor bouldering and gymnastics now and again! 

I’m incredibly grateful to have been introduced to the mountains at such an early age; Being shoved down a hill on a pair of skis, when we could barely walk, definitely gave my brother and I a natural appetite for adventure. I live fast, I’m a risk taker and exploring the boundaries of my comfort zone is something I really enjoy. If I’m not progressing or testing myself, it grates on me and I question if it’s worth my time! I’m spontaneous, impulsive and have neurotic tendencies. It’s taken me a while to accept these traits, but I’ve learnt how to identify and control them. I don’t strive to live a life filled with luxury, material and mod-cons. Experiences are everything to me. Although it’s not always achievable, I like simplicity… as long as I’ve got the essentials, the right people around me and the motivation to live an adventurous life, I’m happy!

I started a carpentry apprenticeship as soon as I left school. I’d already built a skatepark in the garden, much to my dad’s delight… so I figured I’d become a carpenter. Within the first year, I knew it wasn’t the right environment for me. I battled my way to the end of my time as an apprentice through sheer determination, despite an accident that could’ve been fatal in my third year. This was when I became conscious that I’m not a quitter. Soon after I received my carpentry qualifications and a girl broke my heart, I decided to escape to the mountains for my first winter season… five months working in Hotel De Verbier as a pot washer. The combination of timing, my age and location was perfect. I loved every minute of it!

I spent the next couple of years scraping by, doing odd jobs here and there… some bar work, maintenance man/bodge artist in student digs, green keeping and event work with an agency. I used self-taught skills to shoot and edit my own BMX and mountain bike films for my website at the time, but I’d lost all sense of direction and felt like I needed to try a different path. I decided to pursue my passion for filmmaking. I totally blagged it and used my carpentry qualifications, which are equivalent of two A-levels, to get an interview. I talked about David Attenborough Documentaries (obviously), my website and the DVD that I produced to sell at skateparks, and was offered a place at Southampton Solent University. 

In 2013, I graduated with a 1st class honours degree in T.V and Video Production. My final year project ‘Birdman’, won Southern and National ‘Royal Television Society Student Awards’, as well as the ‘UK Film Festival’ award for best short documentary. I then worked as a freelance cameraman for a couple of years, before starting my current job in 2015. I work full-time for a production company called ‘the creative‘, based in Henley-on-Thames. In the last three years, I’ve produced content for various charity fundraising challenges, in some incredible countries all over the world. The first challenge I filmed was a bike ride from Saigon to Angkor Wat in November 2015. The nature of the route, through narrow paths that weave along the Mekong Delta River, meant that I had to ride a bike while filming the entire challenge.  I absolutely loved it. Since then I’ve produced short films, corporate video and social media content in Uganda, India, Iceland, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, America, Italy, Greece, Scotland and Wales.